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PLU Group X Class Description
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Zumba with Bethany & Kelsey

Zumba Fitnress is a dance workout that combines world and contemporary music and moves for a fully-body, rhythmic workout. Come join the dance party and be ready to pump, swivel, shake, and shimmy!

Yoga with Lisa

This ancient discipline has become a staple in the fitness community.  The ultimate goal in yoga is to achieve a balance in mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is known to relieve stress by creating focus and relaxation, streng then and add flexibility to the body, clear the body of toxins by massaging the internal organs, and relieve pain. My goal is to help you achieve a balanced body that is strong, flexible, and free from pain. Let’s have fun!

Cardio Fusion with Kimber

Combining a mix of Latin, hip hop, jazz dance, & kickboxing movements with elements of strength training, yoga, and Pilates, this hour long class will provide a fun total body workout! Come ready to have a blast and shake your body to a variety of today's hottest music!

Total Body Fitness with Lisa

A strength training class targeting major muscle groups using various equipment and body weight. Total body incorporates bursts of cardio into movements intended to help you tone all major muscles.

Turbo Kickboxing with Amanda

These formats combine athletic moves, kickboxing, and dance in a fun, exciting workout. TurboKick and Cardiokick are interval based classes that allows participants of any fitness level to participate.

Indoor Rowing (ERG) Class with Tara

Indoor rowing is one of the best all around body workouts you can get. With a strong cardio basis, indoor rowing helps to build all of your core muscle groups. Some of the main muscles focused on during this class will be the legs, arms, as well as the back. Indoor rowing is non-contact and a good way to strengthen your whole body while improving your cardio. This class will start from the beginning, covering all the bases and work our way up to some more intense rowing. So if you're looking for a new way to get your workout fix, join us Tuesday nights at 8:00 for PLU's new indoor rowing class.