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International Student Services

Pre-departure ISO Newsletter: Issue 3

Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear New International Students:

Hello, Lutes! On this issue, we want to guide you through the remaining items on the to-do list. We know how overwhelming this list can be. But trust us, you will have a much smoother transition into your new life as a Lute if you complete items on this list! If you get stuck or have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us!

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Submit your Final Official Secondary & Post Secondary School Transcript and Evidence of Completion!

After receiving all of your secondary or post secondary grades, please mail transcript(s) to PLU. If the completion date is not on your post secondary school transcript, please also submit evidence of secondary school completion (diploma).

To be considered official, transcript and diploma needs to be sent directly from your institution to PLU via sealed envelope with a date and an original signature or a school seal.

Mail documents to Pacific Lutheran University, Attn: Registrar’s Office, Tacoma, WA 98447
The deadline for submission is August 25, 2013.

Pay your Tuition!

Fall tuition payment is due by August 25, 2013. To make a payment online by credit card or electronic check, log in to your Banner with your PLU ID and PIN (found in your PLU Admission Acceptance packet), then select Student Services>Student Account>Make a Payment.

The university accepts MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Visa but a 2.5% service fee will apply. In order to make a payment via electronic check, you will need an American Bank Account.

The easiest way to pay is to use a secure wire transfer. PLU works with a company called, Peer Transfer. There is NO fee associated with this transaction and you can pay using any currency.

Apply for a Health Insurance Waiver!

All International students are automatically enrolled in the PLU International Student Health Insurance plan. The plan cost is $950 for the academic year and $575 for students enrolled for only one semester.

If you are already covered by a comparable or better health insurance, you may be waived from enrolling in the PLU International Student Health Insurance plan. To apply for the waiver, please download and fill out International Student Health Insurance Plan Waiver Form.

Return the completed form to the Office of Finance & Operations via mail: Pacific Lutheran University, Attn: Finance & Operations, Tacoma, WA 98447, via fax: (253) 536-5047 or via email: fiop@plu.edu.

Please consider the fact that the form needs to be filled out by both you and your insurance agent. The deadline for this waiver is: Friday, September 20, 2013.

New Student Orientation 

After International Student Orientation is completed, all students are invited to attend New Student Orientation. If you are a Transfer Student and Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate Students, please register for the Transfer Student Orientation.

Common Reading Program is required for First Year Students but optional for Transfer & Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate Students. The registration deadline is July 30th. We highly recommend Transfer and Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate Students to register to this program.

As always. please email us if you have any questions! We love to hear from you!

Enjoy the summer,

ISO Planning Team

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