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International Student Services

Pre-departure ISO Newsletter: Issue 5

Monday, August 12, 2013

Dear New International Students:

Greeting, Lutes! We are busy preparing for your arrivals! Are you ready to begin a new adventure in the US and on this beautiful PLU campus? Have you read all issues of Pre-departure ISO Newsletters? If you missed any of them, please review them here to launch your new journey smoothly!

Remember These Deadlines!

There are only a few items left on the to-do list, but they’re very important to complete before the deadlines! By August 25th, you need to submit official secondary & post secondary school transcripts and evidence of completion and pay your tuition. September 21st is the deadline for submitting the Health Insurance Waiver Form. Please remember that this form needs to be filled out by both you and your insurance agent.

Start Packing!

Clothing: Tacoma’s climate varies from warm and dry in the summer to cloudy, rainy, and cool in the winter months, so you will want to bring a wide range of clothing with you. You will need items such as a heavy winter coat or jacket, boots, gloves, hats and rain gear. You will also need lightweight items, such as shorts, sandals and t-shirts for during warmer weather. Most importantly, bring clothes and shoes that you are going to be most comfortable with. Students dress casually on-campus.

Prescriptions and Medical Records: If you require any prescription medication or eyewear, be sure to bring them with you. It is also a good idea to idea to bring an extra supply of any medicines that you are used to using at home, an extra set of eyeglasses or contact lenses, and for your doctor to provide a copy of the prescriptions. If you have any health concerns or medical conditions, bring a copy of a copy of medical, dental, immunization records.

Personal Items: Depending on your educational plans, you may be spending a long period of time away from home. To help prevent homesickness, it is a good idea to bring personal items such as pictures of your family and friends, small gifts, traditional clothes, maps, posters, music, and items that represent you or your culture. These items will also be helpful for you to introduce yourself and your country to people who you meet here. There will be events during International Education Week in November which students are encouraged to share their cultures and traditions through demonstrations and performances. Please bring traditional dresses, musical instruments, recipes, non-perishable food or other items that represent your country or culture!  *Before bringing food items into the US, check these customs regulations for prohibited or restricted items.

Important Documents: There are several items that you will want to carry with you on the airplane, rather than packing them in your checked luggage.

  • Passport (needs to be valid for at least six month beyond the date of your expected stay).
  • SEVIS Form I-20. For new students, US Consular Officer may put your I-20 in a sealed envelope, sometimes attached to your passport—Do NOT open the envelope! The CBP officer at the US port of entry will open it.
  • Address of where you live in the US (on campus hall assignment info or off-campus address).
  • Contact information of our office:    

Akane Yamaguchi, Associate Dir. of ISS, PDSO
Student Involvement and Leadership
Pacific Lutheran University
(253) 535-8294
Campus Safety is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their number is 253-535-7441

  • Other recommended documents: evidence of financial resources, evidence of student status (such as recent tuition receipts, transcripts, letter of acceptance, or class schedule), paper receipt for the SEVIS fee, Form I-797.

On-campus Move in!

If you have not told us when you are arriving to campus, please fill out the New Stuedent Arrival Information Form NOW!

This information will assure us to except you and meet you at the Campus Safety office, located on the 1st floor of Harstad Hall.  Harstad Hall is located on Park Avenue facing Garfield Street. Locate Harstad Hall on this onlie campus map.

The Campus Safety office is open for 24 hours a day! Once you get there, please let a staff know that you are a new international student. An International Student Peer Advisor will come to greet you and help you move in to your residence hall room!

That’s it for now! As always, please email us if you have any questions! We love to hear from you!

Enjoy the summer,

ISO Planning Team

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