International Peer Advisors

International student services staff

International Peer Advisors (IPAs) are current PLU students. They were just like you, coming here as international students or American students working hard to become a part of community within the university.

With experiences and enthusiasm, all the IPAs are looking forward to meeting you and assisting you through the first week at PLU. They will be here to welcome you, to be your first friend on campus, to give you the best advice for new students, and to help you get ready for school.

They, as a team, are working hard to prepare a big welcome for you to our university!

Christian Wold
ISS Admin Intern

Nomiun Gankhuyag
ISS Programming Intern

Meet the IPAs:
David Chen
International Peer Advisor - David


Kari Reno
International Peer Advisor - Kari



Year: Junior

Major: Social Work

Country: USA

Campus Involvement: Global Campus Connection

What I like most about PLU: The friendly environment! I can honestly say that most of the students and faculty are very friendly and helpful! It seems to me that there is club or organization for everything students are interested in.  Each organization has valid issues and information that make it so students are being connected to the community and world around them!

One piece of advice for incoming students:  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Coming to a new school can be very intimidating, but people are here willing to help and make your experience at PLU a great one.  Don’t hesitate to ask anyone on campus questions because even if they don’t know the answer, I am sure they can help locate someone to help answer it!


Kendall Daugherty

International Peer Advisor - Kendall


Year: Junior

Major: Political Science and Global Studies

Country: USA

Campus Involvement: I am on PLU’s Women’s Lacrosse team and a part of Global Campus Connection.

What I like most about PLU: PLU students are so friendly and welcoming! The whole environment is very accepting. The class sizes are small, which means get to develop a closer relationships with professors. Also, there are so many opportunities to get involved on campus!

One piece of advice for incoming students: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Everyone here is very friendly and understanding. Coming to a new school can be intimidating a first but it’s so worth it to step out of your comfort zone!


Quyen (David) San

International Peer Advisor - Quyen



Year: Senior

Major: Business, concentration: finance

Country: Vietnam

Campus Involvement: ISS

What I like most about PLU: This school is a WHOLE PACKAGE. You study, live, hang out or even work at PLU. On Fridays, you may get a chance to attend PLU’s concert, which I’m sure is so amazing. Sport is also a part of the whole package. Make sure that you go to a game, shouting for the Lutes. If you’ve got no friend to go with, I’ll go with you…

One piece of advice for incoming students:  You may feel lonely or isolated when you first come to PLU, believe me, it will be over. What you should do to integrate to this open-minded environment is get out of your comfort bubble, be daring to make friends, and be ready to enjoy your fantastic life at PLU…


Tova Lyng
International Peer Advisor - Tova




Year: Junior

Major: Biology/Hispanic Studies

Country: U.S.

Campus Involvement: I am a member of the Clay Crows, Queer Ally Student Union, and Biology Club.

What I like most about PLU: I really like PLU’s small size. It’s nice being able to go to dinner or walk around campus and know most of the people you see. Also we have a very friendly campus which makes seeing people you don’t know nice too!

One piece of advice for incoming students: Don’t be afraid to talk to other students about your fears or insecurities. I promise you, they’re all feeling the same way.


Other Staff:
Henry Tieu, Int’l Admissions Intern
Admissions Intern - Henry
Hikari Loana Kaja, Int’l Admissions Intern
Admissions Intern - Loana
Madeleine Brekke, Int’l Admissions Intern
Admissions Intern - Madeleine
Shunying Wang, Int’l Admissions Intern
Admissions Intern - Shunying