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Design Lab

Design Lab

Robert A. L. Mortvedt Library

1st Floor, Near the Helpdesk

Conveniently located in the Library the Design Lab allows one to go straight from research to developing a presentation. Design Lab offers easy access to web design, audio-video editing, and scanning. Six PC workstations setup to meet your specific needs are equipped with webcams, storage card readers, and dual monitors. The lab also has two 24” iMac workstations allowing customers to work with their prefered operation systems. Design Lab can provide you with the means to get your projects done.


The lab is open during library hours.
The lab is staffed Monday-Friday 11:00am-6:00pm.
Lab Resources
Equipment Checkout

Need a camera, tripod, or audio recording device to produce your project. Instructional Technologies has the technology you need to capture the materials for accomplishing your assignment.