Enterprise Systems is a service area within I&TS that focuses primarily on enterprise applications and infrastructure level services.  With responsibility for campus-wide voice & data communications, central server administration, and administrative applications, Enterprise Services maintains:

  • connections and equipment for nearly 2,500 telephones.
  • wired & wireless network connectivity for over 6,700 devices.
  • two core data centers (server rooms) that house approximately 100 servers that enable Banner, web, email, database, many administrative applications, and other services integral to the operation of the university.

Enterprise Systems is comprised of two teams, led by David Allen, Director for Enterprise Systems, and Ardys Curtis, Director for Information Systems :

Information Systems

The Information Systems team is headed by Ardys Curtis, Director for Information Systems. Joining Ardys are Chris Sanders, Senior Technical Lead; Kathleen O’Donnell, Database Administrator; Lennie Sutton, Senior Systems Analyst; Mark Noll, Senior Systems Analyst; Jon Eren, Systems Analyst; and David Kennedy, Systems Analyst.

Enterprise Systems

The Systems & Communications team is led by by David Allen, Director for Enterprise Systems. Joining him are Gordon Hait, Windows Systems Administrator; Kyle Kennedy, Unix Systems Administrator; Alex Lawrence, Senior Systems Administrator; Odis Unbehagen, Senior Network Technician; Russell Edington, Data Center Technician; Greg Briggs, Network Manager; Garth Braund, Telecommunications Infrastructure Manager; Larry Procter, Software Developer; and a small cadre of student technicians.