Planning & Assessment

I&TS continuously engages PLU students, faculty, and employees in order better to understand their needs and to align I&TS services and resources accordingly. Following are some of the formal means by which I&TS accomplishes this. Less formal means include the I&TS governance process (Policies & Governance), the I&TS Feedback Center, and simply listening well at our several service points.


Administrative Information Environment (AIE) Plan (2009-2013)

Annual I&TS Initiatives
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Information Resources as Strategic Assets: Library and Computing for PLU 2010 and the Next Level of Distinction (2002)


Merged Information Services Organization (MISO) Surveys

PLU integrates technology, library, and related services within a single organization. I&TS surveys the PLU community (now in every even-numbered year) with an instrument developed and administered by a national consortium of MISOs. A unique quality of this instrument is its capacity to gauge satisfaction, frequency of use, and importance of each PLU resource or service, and to compare these results with aggregated data from other MISOs.

  • MISO 2007
  • MISO 2009
  • MISO 2010


PLU’s decennial institutional re-accreditation process by the Norwest Commission on Colleges & Universities (NWCCU) culminated in 2008, following two years of preparation. Standard Five of the accreditation measures and the institutional report addressed library and information resources. The NWCCU visitation team commend PLU in part for excellence in I&TS service, resources, and planning.