Amy Robbins

Amy Robbins

Classroom & Events Technologies Coordinator

Amy Robbins manages.  As a parent, a spouse, a homeowner, a world traveler, and our Multimedia Services Coordinator, Amy manages.

As a parent and spouse, Amy, with husband Mark, has managed to raise three kids.  Mark, a native of Colorado, is a self-employed web applications developer.  Add three children – Alexis, 24; Tyler, 22; and Ashley, 17 – and you have a pretty interesting household to look out for.  Mark and Amy, by the way, have been married for 26 years now.

As a homeowner, Amy has also managed quite well.  She and Mark have owned and been fixing up a 117-year-old house for 14 years now.  Continually fixing it up, she emphasizes.  Managing by choice is one thing, but managing by necessity is quite another.  So, they are selling this house and looking for something quite different, something newer and with a larger yard for gardening.

Need someone to help you manage a trip?  No problem.  Amy has been there and done that.  In 2004 Amy and Mark visited son Tyler in Italy, where he is based with the Navy in southern Italy, then last year they returned and added on a side trip to the U.K.  They enjoyed those trip so much, they’re planning to explore Scotland and Ireland in 2007, Tuscany (where Mark’s family, including nine siblings, will be renting a villa for a month) in 2008, and very likely still more countries in
following years.

Best of all for us, though, Amy is good at managing in yet another way.  As Multimedia Services Coordinator she supervises, trains, and encourages countless student employees and schedules innumerable events.  That means she manages a lot of detail, a lot of people, and a lot of situations.  And she manages all this in the most important way -- very, very well, indeed!