Diane Harris

Diane Harris

Director of Circulation and Building Services

Clarity and confidence in an era of uncertainty.  There's much to get in the way of a clear sense of purpose or direction these days, but Diane Harris remains grounded in who she is and what she has to offer the world - a passion for creativity and service.

Some of this knowledge of self may have developed early in life as the result of travel and relocation associated with her father's military career.  Some of it may come from awareness of her identity as the daughter of a German mother and an African-American father.  But whatever the origin, Diane's recent participation in a PLU Wild Hope seminar enabled her to identify a deep passion for creative expression and for serving others.

How better to share this passion than as the mother of three adult sons, Jason (a PLU grad), Joel, and Justin (a WSU grad)?  And where better to express this passion than in an academic library with all the energy and opportunities of a heavily-visited student crossroads?  And through which media better to give material form to this passion than writing and illustrating a children's book?

Diane came to PLU in 1997 as a Circulation Specialist and became Director of Circulation & Building Services in 2003.  Since then Diane has supervised or participated in a broad range of services that enrich the academic life and culture of PLU - all in keeping with her passion.  Before PLU, Diane worked for Tacoma Public Library as well as multiple state agencies, including the Washington State Patrol as a dispatcher.  But it is at PLU and as a key member of I&TS Library Services that Diane has most fully realized her passion for creativity and service.