Genevieve Williams

Genevieve Williams

Associate Professor, Research Librarian

Some people are set on making the world more complex, more difficult to find order and balance.  Other people are called to create order & harmony.  Genevieve Williams is definitely among the latter -- a natural born wreaker of order out of chaos!

“The challenge is no longer to find sufficient information on most things,” says our Undergraduate Research Librarian.  “It’s to find reliable and appropriate information.  And that’s the driving force in librarianship these days – coping with the transition from information scarcity to information glut.”

Genevieve recently celebrated her first anniversary at PLU.  She works extensively with the science, business, nursing, and music programs helping them with information access needs and providing instruction in finding appropriate research material.  She brings to her position considerable insight into the problem of information-seeking gained from work with, a national leader in matching customer interests with information and entertainment products.  Add to this more recent
experience as a freelance writer and a two-year program in information science at the University of Washington, and we have outstanding preparation for a career in meeting the challenges of information chaos in an academic setting.

Genevieve also finds balance and harmony in her personal interests of writing and music.  She graduated from Smith College with a degree in music, has been a percussionist with a local band, and now is learning to play a Norwegian-style fiddle.  And she hones her reference skills by managing an information booth at the Bumbershoot festival every year!

Music, writing, and the practice of librarianship entail confronting a veritable sea of information and possibilities, making choices, and finding satisfying combinations.  We are happy Genevieve chose us; we can only hope the match is satisfying enough for her to remain with us a good long time.