Lori Tuttle

Circulation Specialist

"Education," says I&TS Spotlight Employee Lori Tuttle, "is a tool for a better world. I'm from a generation that grew up with a lot of biases, but have learned to block them – to think about them before acting on them. I think my children have been educated, both at home and through good schools, not to receive these biases in the first place."

And education they have had. Actually, Lori's family has sustained education as a core value for generations, beginning with her grandmother, who attended college in an era when very few women participated in higher education. Both of Lori's parents are college educated, as is Lori (University of Denver, political science and economics) and Lori's siblings (a lawyer, a physician, and a lobbyist). Of her five children, all have attended college and three have graduate degrees.

Closely related to Lori's deep commitment to education is her passion for reading. "I'm such an incorrigible reader," she says, "that even after working in a library all week, my idea of fun on Saturday morning is to go to the two libraries near my home [east of Sumner] to pick up all the 'holds' I placed during the week." In fact, when Lori first joined the Mortvedt Library staff in 1996, family members quipped, "So now someone's going to pay you to hang around a college library?!"

Anyone who spends more than a couple minutes with Lori learns that she is passionate about a lot of things. Other passions have been raising her family, which she adores ("The Tuttle Mob is a riot -- they have a great sense and great deal of humor!"); political campaign work, including a lot of door-to-door canvassing this past year; and collecting teddy bears ("Freud would have a ball with this!").

In all these arenas, Lori Tuttle is verbal, passionate, and frequently quite animated. "If the person's polite," Lori says to sum up her personality,"that person would call me out-spoken!"