Odis Unbehagen

Odis Unbehagen

Senior Network Technician

There’s an old saying, often heard in Texas, that while you can take the boy out of the country, you can’t take the country out of the boy.  Odis Unbehagen, a senior network technician in the I&TS Systems & Communications unit, wonders why one would even want to try to shed the virtues and values of country living!

Odis, a Texas native born and raised on Galveston Island, grew up hunting and fishing pretty much as a way of life.  In the 17 years he’s been in the Pacific Northwest – including a couple years in Alaska and five years at PLU – he has learned how best to indulge his great passion for fishing.  Odis frequently goes on ocean fishing charters, and he travels to Alaska on fishing expeditions every other year, but allows that his outdoorsman passions have mellowed in recent years.  Now he relishes the experience of nature and outdoor sport far more than the goal of acquiring game.

The outdoors and animals seem always to have been prominent in Odis’s life.  His wife, a veterinarian in Lakewood, earned her degree at Texas A&M, where they met.  Several years ago they moved to Ketchikan, Alaska for a veterinarian job for her.  It was terrific hunting and fishing for Odis, but they had moved sight-unseen and the position turned out not to be so terrific for Janie, so they came to Western Washington in 1993, where she has practiced since.

Hunting and fishing aside, how did Odis contribute to the household between 1993 and signing up with PLU in 2003?  “I was a carpenter, worked construction, and was Mr. Mom for our daughter, Sarah,” who was born in 1985.  In fact, the isolation of Ketchikan for a girl entering her middle school years was a leading reason for the family’s departure from Alaska.

But can you take the country out of Odis?  Make that special country boy ingredient “Texas” instead of “country” – or better yet, combine them as Texas AND country – and you’ve just described Odis Unbehagen even today.  Or at least you’ll have paid him a very high compliment.