Genevieve Williams

Russ Edington

Data Center Technician

Russ Edington is an academic brat. Some kids grow up in military families that move around a great deal; Russ's father, a career academician, did the same. And then some. Russ was born in Seattle and adopted by Robert and Ann Edington in 1966. From there, the Edingtons moved to Denver, then to Michigan, Idaho, and Pennsylvania before moving back to Washington when Robert became provost at Central Washington University. Through all this Russ has learned to live simply and in a straightforward manner, to understand and be content with the essentials.

Russ met his wife Denise at a church in Clarion, PA, then convinced her to move to Ellensburg where his parents had moved a year before. There Russ settled on a major in psychology at CWU after beginning work in biology and then education. He received a B.A. degree in 1994, a year after beginning work at PLU.

Working up from a modest beginning is not a new experience for Russ. He has started over and over again in new communities as his family moved about, then he navigated through three subjects before finding one that fit well enough for an undergraduate degree. At PLU he began working the morning dish room shift for Dining Services, volunteered to work in the (then) Computer Center as a systems operator, then worked his way into a full-time position with (now) Administrative Computing handling the production aspects of payroll, student bills, and other computing operations.

Russ and Denise live in Steilacom now, where his retired parents also live. Son Ryan occupies much of his time, especially with Boy Scouts. Russ is an Eagle Scout himself and is working with Ryan to achieve the same. When not engaged in scouting, the Edingtons often are enjoying or planning their next annual trip to the Kalaloch/Hoh national park area, "where there are no phones, computers, or video games -- just peace and quiet," Russ muses. No academic frenzy, no noisy printers. Just the essentials.