Sue Golden

Sue Golden

Interlibrary Loan Coordinator

When it comes to time, Sue Golden thinks less is more. 

Work time, that is.  Beginning June 1, Sue will reduce to half-time as interlibrary loan queen for PLU.  She began work in 1989 at the library’s main desk as a one-third-time employee.  Later she graduated to half-time before becoming full-time interlibrary loan clerk in 2000 upon the retirement of Laura Lewis.  Now it’s Sue’s turn to begin winding down her work time to enable investment in other things very close to her heart – her family, her horse, sewing, her garden, volunteer work, and learning Italian for starters.

Less work time means more time with husband Mike (who retired from the Air Force some years ago), daughters Carla and Cyndi, and five-year-old granddaughter Sicily.  It also means more time for personal interests like “The Hunt,” as Sue describes her passion for garage and yard sales, and volunteering a great deal more with her church.  More time, too, for her growing interest in learning Italian in preparation for living out the long-held fantasy of “eating my way through Italy,” she explains, while also taking time to “stand before and gaze on some of the world’s great art!”

So the less work time Sue has, the more she’ll invest in other endeavors.  In the end, she’ll likely have even less time for herself.  But that’s okay:  Her professional and personal lives have always rested on a bedrock of service to others, so shifting her time and energy to those service and personal engagement opportunities most dear to her heart will be all the more fulfilling.  Less work time will yield more gratifying time.