Tyson Bendzak

Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education, 2010
Nike World Headquarters, Oregon
Tyson Bendzak '10

Tyson Bendzak currently works at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton Oregon. At Nike Tyson serves as a Floating Associate Teacher at the Nike Child Development Program where he provides flexible assistance to the entire child development program. His responsibilities include engaging in curriculum implementation and supervision, communicating specific observations, and fostering meaningful relationships with children and their families.

Working for Nike has always been a personal dream of mine. During college, I finally wrote down the words, “Somehow, someway, someday, I am going to work for Nike—Just do it” and pinned them above my desk. I now feel like “a kid living in Disneyland” and am so grateful and honored to be living my dream. Shortly after beginning with Nike, I was honored to be selected as one of three employees from Nike to represent the company as an “employee reporter” at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. All Nike employees worldwide were eligible for this opportunity and I was chosen based on my application, which included written essays and a video. Working alongside the internal communications team, my task was to share Nike’s presence at the games with employees around the world via a daily blog comprised of stories, videos, and pictures. Through this unique opportunity, I was able to travel internationally for the first time, witness Nike on an international scale, collaborate with other employees, interview athletes, and experience the authentic Olympic spirit. Beyond teaching, I serve on a committee that promotes staff fitness. The program was lacking energy and consistent commitment so I created a summer challenge titled: 2012 Olympic Challenge: “Nike to London.” Every 10 minutes of physical activity recorded by a staff member earned ½ mile toward our collective goal of traveling the 4, 919 miles from Nike (Oregon) to London. Monthly prize drawings were held and weekly progress was documented on a huge map in the staff lounge. Olympic history, facts, trivia, and event schedules were posted to help create an energetic and united atmosphere. The results were overwhelming as we trekked 10,015 miles, doubling our goal. Of the nearly 200 person staff we had a 72% participation rate and at least 1 new staff member joined the challenge throughout its 12 week duration. Overall, it turned out to be a great motivational and educational tool for everyone.

My PLU experience in the MSWE department empowered me to be a successful student and person during and beyond college. I was holistically engaged in the learning process from start to finish. The diverse curriculum and innovative coursework presented by faculty thoroughly prepared me for the continual pursuit of my dreams.

Challenging * Rewarding * Life-changing