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Film Festival 2013-2014 Series
  • China Through Film Festival (PDF, 150.2K)

    Explores contemporary Chinese experience through the medium of fiction and documentary film produced in China in the past 30 years. In addition to a general introduction to film art and rhetoric as such, students explore Chinese film from a variety of historical and theoretical perspectives. As a culminating project they produce their own film texts which respond in some fashion to one of the films we've viewed over the course of the semester.

  • Oslo, August 31st (PDF, 1016.9K)

    "Oslo is Ander's home, the scene of his happiest and most dreadful experiences, and the film, chilly as it is, is warmed by a love for the city that the filmmaker and the character clearly share" - A.O. Scott, NY Times

  • The Dream is Now (PDF, 467.4K)

    "The Dream is Now gives voice to and puts a human face on the undocumented children of immigrants who are desperate to earn their citizenship and give back to the only country they've ever called "home." [...] (film Official Website)

Film Festival 2012-2013 Series
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