Department ofLanguages & Literatures

Major In Hispanic Studies

A minimum of 36 semester hours beyond 201, including 202, 301, 321, 322, 325 and three 400-level courses. In addition, students must complete Languages 499. At least two 400-level courses—one focusing on Spain and another on Latin America—must be completed at PLU. One 400-level course must be completed in the senior year. Majors are strongly encouraged to pursue at least one semester of study in a Spanish-speaking country on a program approved by the Spanish faculty. Majors may not normally fulfill the requirements for the major through the election of 300-level courses during their senior year.

Minor In Hispanic Studies

20 semester hours, including 202, 301, 325, and two additional upper-division courses.

Course Descriptions

101, 102 Elementary Spanish
Essentials of pronunciation, intonation, and structure; basic skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Lab attendance required. Students with more than two years of high school Spanish must enroll in 102. (4, 4)

201, 202 Intermediate Spanish
A continuation of elementary Spanish; reading selections which reflect the Hispanic cultural heritage as well as contemporary materials. Lab attendance required. (4, 4)

231, 331 Intensive Spanish in Latin America
An intensive Spanish course offered in a Latin American country and geared toward students at the intermediate (equivalent to 201 or 202) and advanced (equivalent to 301) language levels. Course includes four and a half hours of class per day for a four-week period, a homestay, a service project, excursions, and guest lectures on a variety of topics related to the history and culture of the host country. Placement at the 231 or 331 level is determined by the student's background and experience in Spanish. Prerequisites: Spanish 102. (4)

301 Advanced Grammar and Composition; C
Advanced grammar, stylistics, and composition; conversation based on everyday situations, current events, and pertinent literary selections. Prerequisite: 202 (4)

321 Civilization and Culture of Spain; C
Development of Spanish society from early times to the present as reflected in architecture, painting, and literature, within their socio-historical context. Prerequisite: 301 (or concurrent enrollment). (4)

322 Latin American Civilization and Culture; C
Historic, artistic, literary, sociological, and geographic elements shaping the development of the Latin American region. Prerequisite: 301 (or concurrent enrollment). (4)

325 Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies; C, LT
Acquaints students with techniques of literary analysis, as applied to examples of narrative, poetry, drama, and essay in the Spanish and Latin American literary traditions. Reading, writing, and speaking-intensive. Ongoing review of advanced grammar. Prerequisite: 301. (4)

341 The Latino Experiences in the U.S.; A, LT
Exploration of the histories, experiences, and contributions of the Latino peoples in the United States as they appear in Latino literature and film. Course content is enriched through related service learning experience. Readings are in English. May count toward major, but not toward minor in Spanish. (4)

401 Advanced Spanish Grammar; C
Study of Spanish at the most advanced level with an emphasis on syntactical differences between English and Spanish. Strongly recommended for those who plan to teach Spanish at the secondary level. Prerequisite: 301. (4)

421 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature; C, LT
A concentrated study of major writers and movements in Spanish literature from its origins to 1898. Prerequisite: 325. (4)

422 20th-Century Literature of Spain; C, LT
Drama, novel, essay, and poetry of Spain from the “Generation of 1898” to the present. Prerequisite: 325. (4)

423 Special Topics in Spanish Literature and Culture; C, LT
An opportunity to pursue an in-depth study of a specific aspect or topic in Spanish literature, such as Spanish women writers or the relationship of film to other types of cultural production. May be repeated for credit with different topic. Prerequisite: 325. (4)

431 Latin American Literature, 1492-1888; C, LT
A study of representative genres from the Colonial period to the end of the First Century. Prerequisite: 325. (4)

432 20th-Century Latin American Literature; C, LT
Development of the literature of Mexico, and Central and South America from the Modernista movement (1888) to the present. Prerequisite: 325. (4)

433 Special Topics in Latin American Literature and Culture; C, LT
An opportunity to pursue an in-depth study of a specific aspect or topic in Latin American literature and culture, such as Latin American women writers, Latino narrative, or Latin American film and literature. May be repeated for credit with different topic. Prerequisite: 325. (4)

441 U.S. Latino Literature; A, LT
Course introduces students to critical concepts in the field of Latino/a literature. Through an examination of narrative texts from different times and places, we will focus on how U.S. Latino/a writers reinscribe native roots, cultures and languages in order to respond to the uncertainties of geographical displacement. For Hispanic Studies majors, and English majors with prior approval from the chair of the English Department. (4)  

499 Capstone:  Senior Project; SR
To enable senior students in an academic unit to share their work and receive group criticism. The title will be listed on the student term-based record as Capstone and may be followed by a specific title designated by the academic unit. (4)