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Nathaniel Youmans brings you... International Setx Appeal, Weds 8-9pm


In the Year of the Monkey a boy was born in Kyrgyzstan to a wandering troupe of Lyuli gypsy bards. His cradle was a hand-drum made from a canoe that sailed across the Caspian Sea. The first book he read was an Atlas of the World, and he would grow up to befriend and serenade Tibetan yaks, join Bedouin drum circles in the Sahara, dabble in flamenco and qawwali, mash up traditional celtic tunes with syrupy house beats to create Celtstep, and defy the laws of time and space through Icelandic post-rock. Join hands with Nathaniel Youmans on Wednesday nights from 8-9pm for International Setx Appeal. Together we will travel across the globe throughout the history of music in our quest for cultural immersion and enlightenment through world grooves. No musical corner of this earth will be neglected, from Bangkok to Calgary, from the nomads of East Asia to the tango dancers in Argentina, from Buddhist temple hymns to German electroclash gems. I'll bring the tea, you bring the eager ears! Snacks are appreciated; we have a lot of distance to cover...