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Jeremey Cruz-

            Originally from West Philidelphia, Jeremy lived a fairly happy childhood. In high school he enjoyed many activities such as playing basketball. After a heated game with an angry apponent, Jeremy got into a fight that would forever change his life. His mother fearing the safety of her only Son sent him to live with his Aunt and Uncle who lived in Bel Air. Upon his arrival to Bel Air he was adopted by royalty. He  then moved to Tacoma and become a broadcaster.

Robby Sandoval-

            Born under a blood red sky. His birth symbolized the dawning of a new age of mankind. As a young boy he was heralded as the new prophet to lead the amish to their promise land. After doing so he set out to his beach cabin in Cape Cod and wrote a memoir on his life thus far titled, Harry Potter. Unfortunately J.K. Rowling stole it and Robby lost the legal case because he didn’t represent himself. He now resides in Parkland, the one place his tortured soul could heal. Fin.

Daron Casey-

            It was a cold damp day January. The year was 1990. Risen from the womb was the greatest radio talk personality to grace the airwaves. With ever passing sylabol he gets stronger and the Earth gets larger. His voice is so powerful that it singlehandedly built Italy with one breath. It requires no microphone to be broadcast.