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LASR Radio
We are SAUNA!!! Susan+Anna+hot and steamy always=SAUNA.

SAUNATune in Tuesday nights at 9pm for the best listening experience.  Susan is a ravishing, curly haired, brunette from the steamy metropolis of Tucson, AZ who knows how to have a good time, anytime. Anna is a foxy, sassy firecracker with a smattering of freckles and the darndest laugh you ever did hear. She hails from the famous Spanaway, WA.  We both enjoy a good dose of blueberry Brown Cow yogurt from the Market; however coffee takes a close second. Susan likes cats, Anna likes corgies. Although they are not even close to being interchangeable, that’s ok. We like bulging deltoids and satin sheets. Susan enjoys freshman boys and their naivety, while Anna likes her men a little more sophisticated and worldly. The best thing about life is the chance to redeem oneself.