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Maier, Jakob (We love cats more than you) Thurs at 10pm

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Jakob Maier (DJ Who) was born during a windstorm that blew down the large tree by his house. He took his first steps during a blizzard that rendered communication with the outside world impossible for three months. He said his first word during a tornado that tore the wind right out of his mouth. He had his first kiss during a light drizzle that made his hair kinda wet. He got his first speeding ticket driving away from a sandstorm. He wrote his first song after being decently scared by a lightning storm. He had his first ever radio show while it was a nice 60 degree, cloud-free evening.
He has never had to go the principal's office. Ever.

MC Baggins aka Angela Shier made her way from the land of Edmonds Washington to Pacific Lutheran University, not to save middle earth but to have adventures of her own with friends, and to fill her noggin with education. Some of her interests include; cats, cookies, adventures, socks--who doesn't love socks?, music, and the internet.