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Contest Deadline
December 12th | 5pm

First place |100 LuteBucks
Second place | 50 LuteBucks
Third place | 30 LuteBucks
+ Each DJ Show/Photographer combination is considered a team.
+ Each team shares the prize!
+ Prizes decided by LASR Staff.
+ When art combines with radio, we are all winners, aren't we? :>

Judgement Criteria

+ Creativity. Style. Awesomeness.
+ Photography reflects the DJ show theme or DJ personality.
+ Must have presence of the DJ.
- Must not violate the Student Code of Conduct.
- Image should not include any infringement to another person's copyright.

Questions? Concerns? Please do not hesitate to contact!
Contact Information

There is no need to submit more than 1 piece, you can submit as many, or as few piece as you wish – whatever you’re most comfortable with. But, if you do wish to submit more than 5 pieces at one time, you must submit another electronic form.

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Second Submission
Third Submission
Fourth Submission
Fifth Submission

In signing this submission form you grant LASR permission to use and publish your original work(s) in both in tangible and electronic forms – in print and online. You retain sole copyright to all your pieces.

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