Library Services

Mortvedt Library Gift Policy

Gifts, whether funds or materials, provide a valuable potential source for collection enhancement, and are welcomed by Pacific Lutheran University. Since significant staff time and other library resources are involved in properly evaluating and processing material gifts, and since no library with finite space limitations and following a rational collection development policy can absorb all materials that might possibly be donated, the following guidelines are established.

  • The gift policy of Mortvedt Library follows general criteria for selection of materials and established collection development policies and procedures.
  • The library must always consider the best use of staff resources, physical space limitations, bibliographic access, and the most effective development of the collections.  Since gift materials involve these factors and are therefore not free of cost, they will not be added simply because they are gifts.
  • Gifts of funds for general library use or for particular items, collections, or memorials relevant to library needs are always appreciated. Funds so received will be acknowledged and used in accordance with accepted library procedures for collection development.
  • The library can generally make no formal commitments concerning the shelving, housing, processing, or final disposition of gifts, unless specifically noted in writing to the donor. The library is obliged to process all materials, whether purchased or gift, in a cost-effective manner, which requires that routine and standard procedures be followed as closely as practicable. Gifts with conditions or restrictions according to normal library procedures are not acceptable unless such conditions or restrictions are considered advantageous by the library and accepted in writing. Such conditions as separate housing or shelving may well serve to restrict, rather than enhance, access by patrons.
  • All gifts become the property of the library. If an item is not finally accepted into the collection, alternative disposition or location of the item(s) will be made at the discretion of the library. Materials may be sold at the ongoing library book sale and the proceeds deposited to the book fund. 
  • The decision to add gift material to the collection is made by the Collection Development Librarian for that subject area or Archivist in accordance with the appropriate collection development policy and following all established procedures.
  • Gift materials are acknowledged.  As a rule, the acknowledgment will indicate number and format of items donated.  When requested by the donor and format allows, a bookplate may be added. 
  • The library cannot perform its own appraisals for purposes of tax deductions for donors. If such an evaluation is requested, the library may be able to suggest competent and objective appraisers. The cost of appraisal must be borne by the donor.
  • To be accepted, gift materials must be in good condition and unmarked.
  • The library will notify the Office of Development of gifts $5000 or more in value.
  • Unsolicited, unordered materials sent with invoices are treated as gifts.