Mortvedt Library

Test Proctoring

A librarian is available on a limited basis to proctor exams, by appointment only, for eligible individual students (classes can not be accommodated). Below is a list of eligibility and requirements.
Eligible:  Currently enrolled PLU students  and alumni.
For non-PLU proctoring needs, contact the Pierce County Library.

Proctoring exam appointments:  Appointments required with a minimum prior notice of 48 hours. A specific date and time for the exam will be negotiated.

Location of exam: Must take place within the library.

Student responsibilities:
1. Scheduling time to take the test
2. Contacting the testing institution and identifying requirements
3.  Verifying with librarian that the requirements of the testing institution can be met (see Library responsibilities below)
4. Bringing photo ID
5. Coming prepared with the necessary or required supplies and equipment
6. Paying all costs associated with taking and submitting the test (printing, postage, etc)
7. Verifying that the test has been received by the educational institution

Librarian responsibilities:
1. Accepting tests via mail or email
2. Checking and verifying the student’s photo ID
3. Providing space and a computer (if necessary – students may use their own computers, if allowed by home institution)
4. Observing student take the test, while performing other duties
5. Documenting the beginning and end times of test
6. Shredding all untaken tests after expiration date
7. Returning tests via prepaid envelope or email
To arrange a proctoring session contact Gail Egbers ( (253-535-8869)