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Responsibilities of being a host/hostess for a class*

  • You can be a host/hostess for a specific class. Being a host/hostess involves making coffee and/or bringing goodies to a class. Usually two or more people are asked to volunteer for each class. Generally, one person will prepare the coffee and another person or two will bring "goodies".
  • These snack items do not have to be homemade. In the past, some providers have brought baked goods, fruit and/or cheese & crackers.
  •  L.I.F.E. will provide the coffee supplies, tea, and three carafes--one carafe for caffeinated, one carafe of decaf coffee, and one carafe of hot water.
  • All paper products are provided by L.I.F.E. to set up for snacks and coffee.
  • Class members will help you set-up and/or clean-up.

              *varies on policy of each facility