The History of Learning Is ForEver

In April 1998, Learning Is ForEver affiliated with Pierce College’s Continuing Education Department.  Pierce College invited citizens of the county to join in the planning process for a Lifetime Learning Institute (LLI).  Twelve individuals met in November 2000 to begin planning for a program to begin in the fall of 2001.

Members of the Edmonds College LLI provided valuable assistance and in May 2001, the first public meeting was held at Pierce College.  Fifty-five individuals from the community attended the meeting and thirty paid dues to provide the initial financial support for the project.  Members were surveyed regarding course ideas and activities, and the Program Committee decided on classes based on the input from those surveys.

October 2001 found Pierce County’s L.I.F.E. Institute launching its first classes.  The following October, twenty members attended a two-day program in Astoria, Oregon on the explorers Lewis and Clark.  This was L.I.F.E.’s first bus tour and since then, the group has taken overnight tours to Walla Walla, WA, the Oregon Shakespearean Festival in Ashland and most recently, a 2013 tour of South Puget Sound Wineries.

In January 2005, L.I.F.E. ,moved its affiliation from Pierce College to Pacific Lutheran University.  PLU has been very supportive of the Institute by permitting the use of their printing services, technology training, website assistance, along with overseeing the bookkeeping.

In early 2007, a website was launched in connection with the PLU website.  L.I.F.E.’s mailing list is around 250, approximately 100 members being active through regular class attendance.

2009 found L.I.F.E. hiring a part time employee, to assist with the increasing demands of the Institute.

We continue to change with the times, requesting our members to receive their quarterly brochures by email when possible.