Wang Symposium 2012: Our Thirsty Planet

20120223-thirsty-planetThis year’s symposium addresses the theme of water – a resource we are over-exploiting and over-using and yet the very resource upon which we must depend to survive. The 2012 Symposium keynote speakers are Maude Barlow andTerje Tvedt, and will be held Feb. 23 and 24 on the PLU campus.The overarching goal of PLU’s biennial international symposiums is to stimulate serious thinking about contemporary issues and to provide a forum for the campus community and the broader Puget Sound community to engage individuals of international, national and local stature – from scholars and authors to business people and hands-on practitioners.

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FEBRUARY 24, 2012 11:15 AM
Water and the Development of Human Civilization: Some Perspective
Professor Terje Tvedt