LuteFit Funding Proposal

LuteFit Funding Proposal Guidelines

1. All requests must be for funds that will directly fund the event and be used to make purchases for the event. No funds are available for meals for volunteers or stipends for organizers. We also will not fund reimbursements for items purchased prior to approval of funding for an event. We have members with corporate credit cards who will make the purchases to ensure proper accounting practices.
2. All programs and activities must abide by the Student Code of Conduct and not violate any policies or procedures in place for the University. Specific areas that would violate policies would be distributing items that would be considered alcohol or drug paraphernalia, any items that are considered weapons, materials that represent the university without proper approval, and/or students participating in activities that have risks associated without signing a proper waiver that has been cleared by the Risk Manager.
3.  Proposals for this academic year will be accepted through March 1, 2015 at 5:00pm. After that time, we will not be accepting any more funding requests for the year. We will be evaluating all proposals on a case by case basis.

LuteFit Funding Request Form

Informed CHOICES

Peer to Peer Program Grant Application

As a part of the Pacific Lutheran University grant from the NCAA for the Informed CHOICES program regarding college student alcohol use, student may apply for funding to facilitate peer led programs or events of an educational nature for their fellow students. Program grants will be awarded in amounts up to $250.00 per event. Below are listed the parameters for events, as well as the necessary application. For more information, contact Jennifer Thomas at

Goals of the NCAA Informed CHOICES Grant at Pacific Lutheran University

The PLU Informed CHOICES Grant is designed to engage and educate college students around the issues related to alcohol consumption, health and wellness related to alcohol, alcohol enforcement, and the diverse landscape of alcohol. Our goal is to encourage students to reflect on their choices around alcohol and how those choices impact one’s day to day decision making and future life plans. Each peer program should address at least one of the three areas:

  1.  Alcohol Consumption and Health & Wellness Related to Alcohol:  Programs will assist student in being able to explain how alcohol consumption affects them physically, cognitively, and psychosocially, and/or will educate students on the potential secondary effects of alcohol consumption and the impact those can have
  2. Alcohol Enforcement:  Programs will assist students in being able to demonstrate knowledge of campus, state and federal laws and policies related to alcohol consumption and the impact these violations can have
  3. Diverse Landscape of Alcohol:  Programs will assist student in demonstrating knowledge of the diversity of alcoholic beverages available and their impact on the physical body as well as how the combination of alcoholic beverages and other substances can impact them

Goals of the Peer to Peer Program Grant:

  1. Provide programmatic opportunities for students to discuss and engage in learning opportunities regarding their choices, alcohol use, and the general student culture regarding drinking. Heighten awareness among students regarding responsible choices resource and peer norms
  2. Facilitate target programs intended to reach student subpopulations at higher risks for risky drinking behaviors, including but not limited to first year students, student leadership groups, student-athletes, and residential students
  3. Establish opportunities for students to provide education and events for their peers through program grants that encourage active student participation in the educational process and program implementation

Complete the Grant Application here.