Division of Marketing & Communications

Marty’s Reformation Station app support

How it works:

  • Download the app
  • Get a clue about a location on-campus. Clues will be released every week day during October.
  • The app uses proximity engagement technology, and alerts the user that a location has been unlocked based on ibeacons. (Physical Martin Luther statues may also be in these locations to help.
  • Once a location is unlocked, a fun fact about Martin Luther is opened.
  • Unlock all the locations to win.


  • Make sure you have your bluetooth enabled.
  • A strong signal help minimize notifications of unlocked locations

If you are having issues with the app please contact Marketing and Communications at marcom@plu.edu.

Screenshot of the opening title page of the Marty's Reformation Station app
A screenshot of the locations page for Marty's Reformation Station app