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Matters of Faith: Our middle name – and why we love it

At PLU we’re proud of our middle name. Lutheran. It speaks directly to our Lutheran heritage – and by definition, a call for a commitment to academic excellence, academic freedom and a learning atmosphere where all perspectives on faith and reason are expressed openly. It’s what Lutheran education has been all about since … Martin Luther.

Matters of Faith banner - Seven students consider the nature of spirituality, page 12.

Nine students explore their faith.

Need proof? Look no farther than here. On the next few pages you will meet students from all backgrounds and religious traditions. They all attend PLU. And they all are precisely what makes PLU a great place. Every student’s perspective is valued – it ensures a vibrant, intellectual spirit takes hold on campus, where students and faculty are open to ideas, new philosophies and intellectual diversity.

It’s a great formula to ensure that you are challenged to grow in your faith, no matter who you are or what you believe in. PLU provides the type of education that not only satisfies the mind, but stirs the soul. That’s the Lutheran tradition.

On the following pages are nine students, each with a different faith journey. Some are Lutheran. Some are not. All are valued. To read more, click on the profiles of the students below.

Nine students exploring matters of faith
Finding God in the creation

What is it about the Pacific Northwest that inspires Daniel Baker to help others to explore the outdoors, what he calls ‘God’s’ creation?

A winding path to wholeness

Why does Katie Garrow believe people can find ‘spiritual wholeness’ in many different ways?

Embracing a legacy

How did attending a Lutheran university encourage Jake K.M. Paikai to embrace the faith of his Jewish grandparents?

Don’t call me religious

Why does Mycal Ford prefer to be called ‘spiritual’ as opposed to ‘religious’?

Redefining yourself, your faith

How did PLU make Katie Bray re-think the way she expresses her spirituality?

In search of the questions

What are the ‘bigger questions’ Timothy Siburg learned to ask at PLU?

Finding common ground

What does Muslim student Bashair Alazadi find in common with her fellow students?

An act of creation

Why would Lauren Eaton rebuild the Jewish club at a Lutheran college?

Making a better life

How did Harold Lerass come to believe self-sacrifice is a moral imperative, not just a religious one?

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