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Rebecca Goulson ’15: ‘I’ll have the soup.’

Goulson admits that she doesn’t really know how to cook, but, as a sophomore who lives on campus and has a meal plan, she doesn’t need to. She can get everything she’s looking for, whether it’s cereal, pasta, soup, veggies, or a quick snack on campus. “it’s really convenient and easy,” Goulson said.

Major: math

Hometown: New Prague, Minn.

What home cooked meal she misses most: dad’s homemade chili

Staple Food: soup

Specialty: bowl of cereal/homemade mac and cheese

Becca Goulson

Goulson enjoys a salad and cup of broccoli cheddar soup–her favorite–in her afternoon international honors class.

Where she gets her food-spiration: “My dad’s cooking” and also find recipes on the food network’s website

Where she gets her food: on campus

Grocery List: n/a

Breakfast: bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with nonfat milk

Lunch: bowl of soup and toasted plain bagel with cream cheese from the Anderson University Center

Snack: popchips

Dinner: bowl of soup and vegetables from the Anderson University Center

Late Night Snack: bowl of buttered popcorn and Cheez-Its