Department ofMarriage & Family Therapy

"All courses strongly emphasized looking at diversity.  I feel I am more aware and respectful of these factors than many of my colleagues." - Anonymous PLU MFT Alumnus

We value diversity in and out of the classroom.

We value a diverse learning community.  Together, we encounter and experience a rich variety of perspectives, ideas, belief systems and ways of thinking.  In and out of class, we are enriched by each other's stories, opinions, and personalities.  The learning that happens between students is equally as vibrant and powerful as the literature we read, the assignments we complete and the exams we take.  The relationships we build with each other as a cohort of graduate students make us more culturally aware human beings and more effective therapists-in-training.  Our recent student body has included...

  • Students from a range of racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Students come from various social class backgrounds.
  • Students from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds.
  • Typical classes are 10% male and 90% female.
  • Students work on projects together in the program and learn from one another's life experience.

PLU Marriage and Family Therapy current students, graduating in 2014-2015