Department ofMarriage & Family Therapy

The MFT Program

The MFT program at PLU is one of three programs in the Pacific Northwest accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).  The curriculum meets the educational standards for licensure in most states including Washington (DOH licensure).


This program combines classroom course work with an on-campus and off-campus clinical training experience. The curriculum includes a total of 500 hours of combined therapy work in the on-campus clinic and in a community agency.  Assistance is provided with finding an internship site in a managed care environment.

Following the successful completion of at least 2 semesters of the program, students have the opportunity to begin their clinical training (practica) experience.  The first semester of practica takes place in the on-campus Couple and Family Therapy Center.  Students will be paired with a fellow classmate and will conduct sessions as a team in order to provide support as they begin to delve into the field of therapy.  For the remainder of the program (3 or 4 semesters), students will work at an off-site placement where they will have an opportunity to employ their therapeutic skills with a wide range of clients.  The program contracts with specific sites and supervisors to ensure a quality experience.

A Cooperative Cohort of Colleagues
With small class sizes of approximately 20 students, our students get to know each other very well right away.  While there is room for flexibility in terms of practica and summer course start dates, students find that the relationships they develop by working so closely together benefits both their professional and personal lives.

The program promotes a collaborative learning environment that encourages strong student-faculty relationships.  Paid and unpaid opportunities are offered in order to create opportunities for students to interact more frequently with faculty and to learn more about the inner workings of the program.  These opportunities include:

  • Graduate fellows assigned to programmatic projects or on-campus clinic.

  • Collaboration with faculty on research projects for professional publications.

  • Clinic and Program Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator positions in the on-campus clinic.

Program Length

24-27 months, typically 6-7 terms

Program Start Date

Fall entry only—usually early September

Typical Program Schedule

  • Fall/Spring of 1st year:  Attend classes at PLU twice a week, typically 3:00-6:20pm.  The first year of the program is designed to make it easier for working professionals.  Students with flexible work schedules can generally work part-time or even full-time during their first two semesters. 
  • Summer of 1st year:   Classes one to three time per week, typically 3:00-6:20pm; internship may begin at on-campus clinic, 20-25 hours per week. Students work together in co-therapy teams for extra support and will meet in pairs on a weekly basis for two hours. 
  • Fall/Spring/Summer/Fall of 2nd year: Classes typically one day a week, 12:00-6:20pm; internship continues at on-campus clinic, with the addition of internship at off-campus clinic, 20-25 hours per week.


  • Application Materials Due - January 31
  • Interview Notification - Mid-February through end of April
  • Interview Date - To be arranged
  • Advance Deposit - within three weeks of acceptance date
  • Classes begin--early September

Program Tuition for Cohort beginning in Fall of 2014

$1,025.00 per semester credit, $48,175 for the entire program.  The costs will not increase once a student is in the program, but remain at $1,025.00 per semester credit. 

Click here to see a tuition breakdown by term.

The PLU Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy is comparable and often lower in cost to other regional private, as well as public and online programs.