May 10, 2012 New!

'09 Underwear Bomber Plane Scene

1 in 4 Facebook Users Lies on Their Profile

38% of Calls to NYPD are Butt Dials

Cancer Center Prom

Drunk Dad Lets 10 Year Old Kid Drive

Fatal Duck Boat Crash Civil Case Startst

Google's Self Driving car

Man Sues Over Anti Gay Therapy

Manatee Released Back Into the Wild

Obesity Forcast Report Released

Principal Resigns Over Fake Facebook Page

Same Sex Marriage Amendment Passes in North Carolina

Senate Blocks Bill to Keep Low Student Loans

Where the Wild Things Are Author Maurice Sendak Dies

Ryan Leaf Court Appearance

UK climber Aims to Fulfill Everest Olympic Pledge

May 3, 2012

Alaska Airline Unexpected Stop

Facebook Organ Donation Update

FAMU Hazing

High School Teacher Accused

Lacrosse Team Suspended

May Day Student Protest

Song for AZ girl

Supermoon on Saturday

University South Alabama Accused

World Trade Center to be Tallest Building

April 26, 2012

Child Dies Arter Collaspsing Durring Little League

Finding Prostitutes

Google Backs Space Program

Green Solutions

Infected Computers

Mobile Carwash App

Politics of Student Loans

Teens Drunk on Handsanitizer

USDA Mad Cow Latest

April 19, 2012

Amazon Cuts E book Prices Amid Apple Suit

Americans Are Eatting More Pizza Than Ever

Baby Declared Dead But Comes To Life

Beer May Make You Smarter

Corrections Officer Fires at Police

Dick Clark Dead at 82

Discovery Goes to the Smithsonian

Girl Missing Uncle May Have Kidnapped Her

Lack of Sleep May Raise Diabetes Risk

Man Goes Naked At Portland Airport

More Men Getting Plastic Surgery

Mystery Urn Washes Up on Beach

NASA Found Life on Mars Study

Solar Flare

Some People Can't Help Being Happy

Thanksgiving Bomber Trail

Tong Robbery

April 12, 2012

1300 Passengers Recreate Titanic

Apple Virus Could Infect

Baby Declared Dead But Comes To Life

Fan Hit by Foul Ball

FDA Investigation

Funeral Home Sex Abuse Investigation

Hunger Games Town Up for Sale

Obit Robber Targets Families

Self Checkout Lanes Store

Sony to Cut Estimated 10,000 Jobs

Virgina Jet Crash

Women Flaims Her Facebook Got Her Fired

March 22, 2012

Amazon to Buy Robot

Balloonist Body Found Home Exteriors

Driver Survives Being Crushed by Tree

Girl Cut In the Throat by Other Student

Health Minute High Pollen Count

Mt Hood Snow

New iPad too Hot to Handle

Nokia to Patent Vibrating Tattoo

Prenups Aren't Just for Married

Starbucks Opens its First Juice Bar

Stormy Start to Spring

Superheroes Raise Money For Sick Teacher

Teen Killed 911 Tape

Twitter Celebrates Six Year Birthday

US Census on the 1940 to be Released

March 15, 2012

Apple Sued Over Siri

Daylight Savings Time May Raise Stress

Dreamliner Tour

How to Win The Lottery

Injured In House Fire

Letting Teens Do Your Taxes

Shark Bites Two Surfers

Sugary Drinks Raise Heart Disease Risk

TSA New Screening For Elderly

When Geese Attack

March 8, 2012

Apple iPad Announcement

Biz Young Adults Making Less

Girl Fakes Seizure to Escape Kidnappers

Muslim Surveillance - FBI Concerns

Obama - Announces New Clean Energy Program

Pets Missing After Tornado Outbreak

Solider Dies Trying to Save Kids from Fire

Squirrel in Toilet

Suspect Crushes Stolen School Bus

White Power - Madison School Lock Down

March 1, 2012

8th Grader Gets Metal Plate

Gas Prices Rising

Google Privacy Concerns

Horse Slaughter Plant Coming to Missouri

Kids Are Consuming More Sugar

Obama talks about Higher Education

Oil in the World

Toddler Saves Grandmother by Calling 911

November 17, 2011

Bullied 10 Year Old Commits Suicide

Chrysler Invests $500 Million

Fannie and Freddie Executives Come Under Fire

Gamers and Gamblers Share Traits

Libraries Ramp Up E-Book Lending

Don't Forget Your Passport for Holiday Travel

NASA at a Crossroads

Netflix and Walmart Class-Action

Neumonia Most Common Infection

Occupy Pushback

Teen Stuck in Chimney

Thief Returns Stolen Car

UC Berkeley Shooting

November 10, 2011

Autism May Develop Before Birth

Making Digital Media More Diverse

Mummified Baby's Mom in Court

American Rails Face Terrorist Threat

Herman Cain Scandal is all He Said, She Said

In Connecticut, Pheasants Run Wild

Toyota Steering Issues Force Recall

Teen Sexting Child Porn

Teens See Cruelty that Threaten Self-Esteem Online

Vendors Threatened by Occupy Protesters

October 27, 2011

Burglar Caught Red Handed by Webcam

Coffee's Magical Benefits Sure to Make College Students Happy

Haunted House Talks to Passersby

Jobs are Scary Run and Hide

NY Boy Found Dead

Obama Says We Can Win Future

Pumpkins Threaten the Saftey of Freeway Drivers

October 13, 2011

Baby Missing

Blackberry Outages Spread

California Occupy Oakland Protest

Kentuky Girl Taken To ER After Drinking Energy Drink

Sex Can Make People Lose Thier Memory

Shipwreck Cracking

Washington DC Terror Plot