The Matrix is PLU’s journal of Social Justice.  We envision The Matrix to be a vital part of the community, largely because it provides people from all over campus an opportunity to have their voices heard. While organizations like the D-Center or the Women’s Center address some of the same issues that we do, The Matrix allows all of these organizations and individuals to join in a dialogue featured in one central magazine. We see ourselves as simply the mouthpiece of the university and its students; we hope that The Matrix will spark conversation within the community on topics that its members truly care about. By providing students with the opportunity to engage in written or artistic work in the print publication or in conversation with peers in our student-led discussions, we open the doors for students to participate. What matters most is that the voices of the student body are heard.

Note to those who wish to submit sound, recordings, and video: All such materials will end up on the Matrix webpage as one of the limitations of print material is that we cannot include digital material of that sort in it... However, if it is relevant to an issue, we will put notices in the issue of the Matrix to let readers know that such material is available on the site to check out ;) If you wish to know anything else about the Matrix, from how to submit or the origins of this publication, please feel free to stop by our office on the Lower Level of the UC and or toss us an email at