PLU MBA International Experience

With the PLU-MBA degree, you acquire more than business competencies.  You walk away with a true global business perspective and a predisposition for action and innovation.

The cost of airfare, ground transportation and accommodations are included in your tuition.

2013 China trip outdoor group photo
China and Taiwan with Dr. Chung-Shing Lee

MBA students will be traveling to Peru and China and Taiwan which is a replication of the trips from 2013. These are the itineraries from 2013. They will be updated when available.

Updated itinerary will be posted when available.  Sample of 2013 itinerary below:

Saturday, March 23rd (03/23/2013): Taipei City Tour
Taipei city tour
Visit Taipei 101 Building and commercial and shopping districts
Group lunch at Shin Yeh 101 Restaurant (Taiwanese Cuisine) (on the 85th floor of Taipei 101 Building — The 2nd tallest building by function in the world)
Maokong Gondola
Night market/free time

Sunday, March 24th (03/24/2013): Taroko National Park
Take a domestic flight from Taipei Songshan Airport to Hualien City located in Taiwan’s east coast and tour the Taroko National Park
Lunch at Silks Place Hotel
Take the sightseeing train back to Taipei city at 8:30pm

Monday, March 25th (03/25/2013): Science Park and University Visits
Leave at 9:00am (chartered bus) to Taoyuan county and HsinChu city (about 50 miles south of Taipei city)
National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Visit the College of Management at Yuan Ze University in Taoyuan, Taiwan (10:45am to 1pm) (Host: Dr. Jashen Chen, Dean of the College of Management, and Dr. Alex Huang, Associate Professor and Director of Office of International Programs, and 20 MBA and MS students)
Visit HsinChu Science-based industrial park
Company visit: (Realtek Semiconductor Corp.) (2-4pm) (Host: Dr. Yee-Wei Huang, Vice President of Realtek Semiconductor Corp., and Mr. Tim Kuo, Special Assistant to CEO and Head of Corporate Communication)
Group dinner with Taiwanese branding expert and best-selling book author Mr. Vincent Lai (Seattle University MBA) at Hung-Kan Restaurant

Tuesday, March 26th (03/26/2013): Fly to Beijing, China
Free time
Group dinner and evening entertainment (Szechuan cuisine)

Wednesday, March 27th (03/37/2013): Beijing City Tour
Tiananmen Square, National Center for the Performing Arts
Forbidden City
Group lunch at Mei-Wei-Jen Restaurant
Temple of Heaven
HongQiao Pearl Market
Evening entertainment: Golden Mask Dynasty show
Peking duck dinner at Quanjude Restaurant

Thursday, March 28th (03/28/2013): Great Wall of China and Ming Tomb
Beijing BaoShuTang Pharmacy Outlet
Great Wall of China
Great Wall Gondola at Badalin Gate
Group lunch at Friendship Shop
Ming Tombs (Thirteen Tombs of Ming Dynasty)
Beijing Olympic Park
Group dinner (Donglaishun Restaurant instant-boiled mutton)

Friday, March 29th (03/29/2013): Company and University Visits
Visit China’s best university: Tsinghua University (Host: Dr. Lan Xue, Dean of the School of Public Management)
Group lunch at Hui-Yuan Restaurant
Visit Multinational Corporation VMWare China branch, 2-5pm in Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park (Host: David Sung, President & CEO)
Dr. Tea House
Group dinner at Baijia Dayuan (Garden of the King) Restaurant

Saturday, March 30th (03/30/2013): Summer Palace and Shopping District
Summer Palace
Group lunch at Chinese Dumpling Restaurant (Tianjin Baijiaoyuan Restaurant)
Silk Market

Sunday, March 31st (03/31/2013): Exploring the City of Beijing (No Schedule)
Free time (All day)
Group dinner at Liuheju Restaurant
Your expense: Lunch

Monday, April 1st (04/01/2013): Happy Return Home

2013 MBA Peru trip group photo
Peru with Dr. Mark Mulder