Master of Science inNursing

Entry-Level MSN Tuition

Tuition for the Generalist Entry-Level MSN program is based on a specific cohort pricing arrangement at PLU. Students receive a significant reduction in per-credit tuition cost over the 27-month program. Generalist Entry-Level MSN students are considered to be graduate students and are qualified to apply for low-interest federal graduate loans. Other financial aid resources are available.

2014 Tuition Fees:

Pre-Licensure Foundational Portion, first 15 months, 55 credits:  $34,650
Post-Licensure Master’s Portion, Care and Outcomes Manager, 30 credits:  $28,850
Total for 85 semester credits:  $63,500

Additional costs may include:

Pre-Requisite Coursework:  Variable  
GRE Exam (see GRE website):  $160
Required textbooks (estimate):  $500 -1000 per year
Graduation fee:  $100
Laboratory fees (estimate):  $100 per year
Background check fee:  $15
Health requirement clearance:  $40 initial, $10 updates
Health insurance:  Variable
Professional liability insurance (estimate):  $20
Living/travel expenses:  Variable

Click here for tuition detail by semester/term: ELMSN Tuition

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Many financial aid options are open to nurses seeking graduate education.  Click here to see the Scholarship and Financial Aid page.