Master of Science inNursing

MSN/MBA Dual Degree

The Dual Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Business Administration degree is designed to prepare practicing nurses for high-level careers in management and administration. The program integrates the evidence-based and practice-oriented MSN curriculum with the four cornerstones of the MBA curriculum: 1) leadership, 2) innovation, 3) global awareness and 4) ethical responsibility. This program requires a 10-day International Experience to be completed prior to graduation. Students will complete a total of 60 semester hours over three years attending part-time.

The MBA Skill-Set

The PLU  MBA Program encourages creative and Innovative thinking.  Part of your program will be continually seeking to identify issues and challenges in the workplace that can be addressed in new ways; at PLU, we call this "value creation." Creating value in your organization requires that you sharpen the tools that will help you secure resources, manage spending, implement technology and streamline the supply chain - as well as possess the leadership skills to implement change.  You will develop these strategic skills in courses such as Managing Innovation, Accounting for Decision Making, and Economic Policy Analysis.

The MSN Skill Set

The MSN Care and Outcomes Manager program (COM) is designed to equip nurses with the knowledge and skills to lead change, promote health and elevate care in various roles and settings. The curriculum prepares the MSN COM graduate to provide flexible leadership and critical action within complex, changing systems, including health, educational, and organizational systems.  The COM coursework is organized around learning modules that allow the program to be further tailored toward a specific role. Role specialization can include: Nurse Educator, Clinical Nurse Leader, or Nurse Administrator.  Nurse Administrator is typically the role chosen for the MSN/MBA dual degree program.

The MSN-COM Nurse Administrator Role

A nurse administrator manages and organizes other nurses, provides leadership as a member of an administrative team in hospitals, clinics or other health care organizations, and influences and implements institutional policies. Most of the work of a nurse administrator is done in an office and not on the care floor, so an administrator has little or no direct contact with patients. A nurse administrator may work in a hospital, nursing home, private doctor's office, home health care organization or urgent care facility.

Program Start Date

Summer or Fall

Summer term is typically early to mid-June

Fall term is typically early September

Program Length

3 years of part-time study

Class Schedule

For the most part, the MBA courses are held Mondays and Wednesdays, from 6:00-9:30pm and the MSN courses are held Thursday evenings and all day Fridays, with a few day courses in the summer and January terms.  

Application Deadline

Summer Start:  November 15

Fall Start:  March 1

MSN/MBA candidates may apply for admission at any time during the year, however, application by the priority deadline will enhance applicants' potential for admission and for arranging financial assistance.  Applications are not reviewed until after the application deadline, and decisions are typically made from February through April.  Applications received after the priority deadline may be accepted on a space-available basis.


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