Master of Science inNursing

RN-B to MSN Tuition

The PLU MSN is comparable in cost to other regional as well as online programs. We are often less expensive than competing private universities. At PLU our goal is to create a partnership that is financially feasible for you to pursue your studies. Financial assistance from PLU, federal and state financial aid programs, outside scholarship resources, payment options and careful planning help make PLU affordable.

2014 Tuition and Fees:

Master of Science in Nursing, Care and Outcomes Manager (credits vary by focus area)
33 semester units (minimum credits for MSN COM)

Additional costs may include:

Pre-Requisite Coursework: Variable (must include NURS 430, Situations with Communities, 5 semester credits at PLU)
GRE Exam (see GRE website): $80.00-$160.00
Required textbooks (estimate): $500.00-1000.00 per year
Graduation fee: $100.00
Laboratory fees (estimate): $100.00 per year
Background check fee: $15.00
Health requirement clearance: $40 initial, $10 updates
Health insurance: Variable
Professional liability insurance (estimate): $20.00
Living/travel expenses: Variable

Click here to see a RN-B to MSN Tuition by term. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Many financial aid options are open to nurses seeking graduate education. Click here to see the Scholarship and Financial Aid page.