Department of Music

Diana Walker

Senior Lecturer

253-535-7602 (office)



Applied Piano Lessons, Teaches Keyboarding Classes, Accompanying


M.M., Northwestern University

B.M., Oklahoma City University


Diana Walker comes with a rich tradition linking her to several important schools of piano.

In High School, she studied with Herbert Ricker, a student of Egon Petri.  Egon Petri was a student of Busoni.  At Oklahoma City University Diana studied with Nancy Ragsdale who was a student of Soulima Stravinsky.  Stravinsky's father, the composer Igor Stravinsky, had been a student of Rimsky-Korsakov. Diana Walker was awarded a full tuition scholarship to Northwestern University along with a work-study fellowship.  At Northwestern she was a student of Guillaume Mombaerts.  Mombaerts studied with Arthur deGreef who was a student of Franz Liszt, who studied with Czerny who studied with Beethoven.  From Beethoven you can trace a line of student-to-teacher that goes all the way back to J.S. Bach.  Professor Walker says there is a secret which has been handed down from teacher to student from Bach himself.  When asked how he did everything so well, Bach answered: "I work hard."

Diana Walker's performance credentials include every aspect of piano experience from solo recitals, to chamber music, concertos with orchestra, with recordings, on TV and radio.  Her students have won competitions, auditions, and scholarships.

While at PLU she has served four years as Acting Chair for the Piano Department and has for the last seven years been director of the Piano Ensemble.

One of her favorite quotes which sums up why she loves music is:  "Making music teaches you to speak in a voice that would otherwise remain silent."

She is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota and the WSMTA.

She earned her Bachelor of Music from Oklahoma City University and her Master of Music from Northwestern University.