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Mid Semester Break - Lounge Closed

SAPET: Gender 101

Location: Kreidler Lounge

Sexuality Awareness & Personal Empowerment Team (SAPET): Gender 101 What is the difference between sex and gender? Aren’t there just two...

Kreidler Coffee Chats

Location: Kreidler Lounge

Come and enjoy hot coffee or Tea in the Kreidler Lounge with April weekly on Tuesday Afternoons

Pumpkin carving due

Kreidler Halloween Party

Trick or Treat

Location: The CAVE

In partnership with Residential Life, The CAVE will be welcoming the Parkland community to trick or treat in the space. Let us know if you are...

Veterans Day Photo Gallery

Veterans Day Celebration

Location: MBR

Hi Frankie and Amanda Please walk over the people in the lounges to participate in the veterans day celebration. If there are no students who...

CCES Presentation

Location: Kreidler Lounge

CCES presentation by Rachel Haxtema will discuss what the role of CCES is, and what opportunities it offers, and how a person goes about...

Big D Staff Meeting

Location: AUC 133