Division ofNatural Sciences

Section 4 – Mentor Selection Process

The Chairs Council selects mentors from the submitted research proposals by means of the Mentor Application for NSCI-Funding form. Chairs applying for NSCI-funding excuse themselves from the meeting and may choose a replacement departmental representative to join the selection process.

In reviewing the applications, the Chairs consider the following guidelines:

A. Faculty status (highest priority = 1.)

    1. junior tenure-track

    2. tenured restarting, or changing direction in, research

    3. other

B. Faculty record

    1. strong or developing research

    2. number and quality of peer-reviewed publications

    3. number and quality of professional meeting presentations

    4. number and quality of grant proposal submissions

    5. previous and communicated interest in supporting undergraduate contributors

C. Research proposal considerations

    1. provides high-quality novel research experiences for undergraduates

    2. actively engages students in creative or investigative project, through identifying questions,

        formulating hypotheses, and devising experiments

    3. shows promise for long-term stimulation of a research program