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The BSN for the LPN

The LPN to BSN course of study is designed to provide career mobility for the licensed practical nurse desiring the bachelor of science in nursing degree. The program allows students the opportunity to validate prior knowledge and clinical competence, enabling progression through the BSN curriculum within five semesters (2 1/2 years), following completion of prerequisite courses.

LPN Admission Requirements

LPNs typically begin coursework in the spring. They join the preceding fall cohort since the first semester is waived for LPNs. Before consideration for admission to the LPN to BSN program, applicants are expected to have completed an LPN course or  have LPN licensure. For complete requirements, please see minimum criteria for admission to the School of Nursing BSN programs.

LPN to BSN Curriculum:

LPN to BSN Prerequisite* Coursework:

Biology 201
Introduction to Microbiology (4 semester credits) (Natural Science) within last 6 years
Biology 205
Human Anatomy and Physiology I  (4 semester credits) (Natural Science) within last 6 years
Biology 206
Human Anatomy and Physiology II  (4 semester credits) within last 6 years
Chemistry 105 Chemistry of Life, : Inorganic, Organic, Biochemistry (4 semester credits) within last 6 years
Psychology 101
Introduction to Psychology  (4 semester credits)
Psychology 320
Development Across the Lifespan  (4 semester credits)

* All prerequisite coursework must be completed with a grade of "C" [2.0] or better prior to beginning LPN to BSN sequence.

Sophomore Year (beginning of nursing program -- may be spring or fall)

Nurs 260
Professional Foundations I  (4 semester credits)
Nurs 270
Health Assessment and Promotion  (4 semester credits)
Nurs 280
Pathological Human Processes  (4 semester credits)
Stats 231      
Introductory Statistics (Math Reasoning) (4 semester credits) (Must be completed with a grade of "C" [2.0] or better prior to enrollment in Nurs 360, Nursing Research and Informatics.)

Junior Year

First Semester
Nurs 320
Nursing Competencies II (2 semester credits)
Nurs 330
Pharmacology & Therapeutic Modalities  (4 semester credits)
Nurs 340
Nursing Situations with Individuals/Adult Health I  (4 semester credits)
Nurs 350
Nursing Situations with Individuals/Mental Health (4 semester credits)
Second Semester
Nurs 360
Nursing Research and Informatics  (4 semester credits)
Nurs 365
Culturally Congruent Healthcare  (Alternative Perspectives) (4 semester credits)
Nurs 370
Nursing Situations with Families/Childbearing (OB)  (4 semester credits)
Nurs 380
Nursing Situations with Families/Childrearing (PEDS)  (4 semester credits)

Senior Year

First Semester
Nurs 420
Introduction to Leadership and Resource Management  (4 semester credits)
Nurs 430
Nursing Situations with Communities (5 semester credits)
Nurs 440
Nursing Situations with Individuals/Adult Health II  (4 semester credits)
Nurs 441
Nursing Situations Seminar  (1 semester credit)
Second Semester
Nurs 460
Health Care Systems and Policy  (2 semester credits)
Nurs 480
Professional Foundations II  (2 semester credits) (Senior Seminar/Project)
Nurs 499
Nursing Synthesis  (6 semester credits) (Senior Seminar/Project)
Religion* (4 semester credits)

Please Note:

*  Other specific university course requirements needed for completion of the baccalaureate degree are not included herein. Applicants to the LPN to BSN program are strongly encouraged to contact us at for assistance with their complete programs of study.

Contact the School of Nursing, or (253) 535-7672, to have a copy of the LPN-BSN application mailed to you.