Parents Council Statement of Organization


The mission of the Pacific Lutheran University Parents Council is to serve as ambassadors by promoting and supporting PLU, and to act as liaisons between parents, students and the university.


The purpose of the PLU Parents Council shall be: 1. To guide the members of the parent community toward increased support, understanding and enthusiasm for Pacific Lutheran University and its mission. 2. To develop the parent community as a resource for the university and its students. 3. To provide a vehicle for communication between the parent community and the university. 4. To assist in the recruitment of prospective students – a partnership with the Office of Admission. 5. To assist in the efforts to garner financial support for the university – a partnership with the Office of Advancement.


1. Membership shall be limited to parents of current full-time undergraduate or graduate enrolled students at PLU. It shall include parents representing all four classes (Freshman-Senior) and geographical regions that reflect our student population. Members shall be appointed after a selection process conducted jointly by the current Parents Council Chair(s) and the Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations. Past parents may be asked to serve in order to advise the council on issues related to past parents, recent grads. 2. The organization shall be informal. There shall be no constitution or by-laws. 3. The Parents Council will conduct two official meetings annually: generally in the fall during Family Weekend and in the spring at a time to be determined. Members are strongly encouraged to attend all meetings and if possible, to participate in the university’s Family Weekend. Notification to the Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations is required for those who are unable to attend. 4. Parents Council chairs will be selected and appointed by the Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations.

General Responsibilities and Activities:

1. Be ambassadors for PLU by supporting and promoting PLU activities on and off campus. 2. Attend Parent Council meetings and other university functions when possible. 3. Plan, coordinate, implement and/or participate in specific Parents Council activities 4. Serve as a resource for the university – i.e. serve on the Connection Council in your region. 5. Contribute to the Annual Fund (the size of the gift does not matter but that you contribute – does matter). 6. Encourage the involvement of other PLU parents.