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Michelle Hellwig '85

Parents Council

Member Since: 2011

Michelle has loved her 10 years as a staff nurse in the pediatric and adult ICU setting.  In 1995 she graduated from Gonzaga University with her MS in Nursing, and FNP certificate.  The last 15 years have been a wonderful opportunity for her to serve people as a nurse practitioner in a rural state, Montana.  She has been stretched as a provider and individual.  Just recently she moved on to a new era in her career and purchased a family practice clinic, where she is the sole provider.  She is thankful for her education and opportunities!
Michelle Hellwig
In her free time she enjoys gardening, sewing, knitting, doing things with her kids. She loves being outdoors and working on wood projects with her husband.

Watching professors develop relationships with my kids and their friends makes me want to get every high school student to the PLU campus to give them that opportunity.  Being close to this globally minded community, I have found myself thinking a little bit "bigger" in my own life, considering breaking away from the mold of routine and traditional expectations.  Knowing that the quality of education I received so many years ago is only more valuable with time causes me to want to invest more of whatever I have to be a part of the continuum of PLU.  I am a more effective individual because of the time I've spent recently at PLU.
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Favorite thing about PLU: So many things, but the first thing that comes to mind is that tons of students are always wearing PLU attire around campus.  The students, faculty, staff are basically very happy with their environment.  The campus community is living all the positive accolades that are presented to the public when marketing PLU.  Rare, priceless.