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Student Voice

Amy Larson '13

My excitement leading up to coming to PLU was incredible, and I was right to be so excited! I had packed up everything I thought I needed, and my parents and I got in the truck, drove over the pass from Yakima, WA, and we arrived in the rain. (Everyone had warned me of this terrible thing called rain that happens here on the west side of Washington.) I was finally here! After months and months of support from my parents to get me here, it was up to me to make the most of the next four years. I did just that.

Getting involved at PLU happened quickly for me. I started working at the Pflueger front desk, I joined the residence hall council, and I became part of the Relay For Life committee. Most importantly, I started becoming part of a community. I developed friendships with amazing people, and I’m proud to say they are still my closest friends today. I started becoming a part of PLU rather than just experiencing it.

Over the years my involvement on campus has been very important to me, whether it was through working or volunteering my time. My favorite aspects of getting involved were working with New Student Orientation and Relay For Life. I was a student orientation coordinator for two years, and I loved being a part of helping new students transition into a new community. After working throughout the entire school year, Relay For Life is a fun and exciting yet moving event. Once again though, it was the relationships I built through these experiences that mattered. The staff in the Student Involvement and Leadership office has always been there for me, and the fellow students I met through the Relay For Life committee are amazing. I had done so much at PLU and created so many relationships by the time I was a junior. So, I went somewhere new.

Spring semester of my junior year I studied away in Ghana, West Africa. I was faced with a completely new set of challenges, learning experiences, and community. At PLU, I had become comfortable and felt stable. In Ghana, I was able to push myself to continue growing. While I was there, I learned a great deal about a new culture and even more about myself. I am honored to have had the chance to see more of the world first hand, and I’m grateful for the wisdom and knowledge that Ghana imparted on me.

I’m now in my senior year at PLU. I will be graduating in May with a major in Business HR and Management and a minor in Social Work. I’ve continued my involvement on PLU’s campus, but I now enjoy getting off campus and being a part of the local community through regular volunteer work. I have always wondered why I was blessed with a life full of amazing opportunity. Now, I believe that it is so I can use those opportunities to make a difference in my world and my communities. After graduation, I will be serving one year with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps. I will be a volunteer coordinator for an organization that provides housing for homeless or low-income individuals. I’m feeling the same excitement I felt before coming to PLU and traveling to Ghana. Something new is on the horizon, and I am determined to make the most of it. I cannot thank my parents enough for helping me get to PLU and stay here, and I cannot thank PLU enough for pushing me and challenging me to become more than I thought I could.