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Student Voice - Priya McBride '16

I’ll admit that as a high school senior, I was quite overwhelmed by the college selection process. With numerous colleges and universities promising to be an institution of unmatched academic and extracurricular excellence, choosing which university I would attend in the fall proved to be no easy task. In my initial college search, PLU wasn’t a top contender, but, following a campus visit, I immediately fell in love with the close-knit community and the numerous opportunities for academic exploration that PLU offers its students. With its small class sizes, supportive faculty, staff, and student body, and renowned Biology and International Honors (IHON) programs, I quickly recognized PLU as the perfect fit.
priya mcbride

     Having spent my entire childhood wrapping my stuffed animals in band aids and checking their temperature with plastic straws and pencils, pursuing a career in the medical field has been a dream of mine since as long as I can remember. PLU has been influential in helping me to achieve my dream, as its Biology program provides students with the resources and prerequisite courses necessary for continuing education in the medical field. 

    In addition to pursing a degree in Biology, I am part of PLU’s IHON program. The IHON Program is a rigorous alternative to the General Education program at PLU. The IHON program invites students to explore contemporary issues in a multi-cultural context and analyze their historical foundations. Academically, I have greatly appreciated the challenge that the IHON program has presented me, the challenge to consider complex world issues through a multidisciplinary lens. In furthering my study of complex world issues with a multinational context, this coming January Term and Spring I will be study abroad with other members of the IHON program in Oxford, England. At Oxford University my peers and I will explore multiple social justice topics relating to human rights and responsibilities. PLU greatly encourages its students to take part in one of the many amazing opportunities it provides its students to study abroad and experience education in a new and unique environment. The IHON Oxford Study Away Program is new to PLU this year and I am very excited to take part in this program and to experience education in an entirely new way.  

    Outside of my academic endeavors at PLU I am also an employee of the Congregation Relations Office, an officer on Hong International Hall’s Residence Hall Council, a member of PLU’s Biology Club, and a member of the student-led Bible study group, Intervarsity. I feel that through offering a variety of extracurricular activities and on-campus jobs and internships, PLU has provided me to resources not only to become a successful scholar, but also a well-rounded individual.

    Now in my second year at PLU I can’t image having attended any other university. Thus far PLU has not disappointed, providing me with the resources necessary to pursue my dream and offering me the amazing opportunity to study in Oxford, England. In my eyes, PLU has proven itself to be an extraordinary university and I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Lute community.