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Student Voice

Arianna Belt '13

student voiceWhy did I choose PLU? That’s easy. I chose this university because the promise of a unique one-on-one education where my professors care both about me and my success in future goals. This special type of education has given me the confidence to constantly strive for more.

Other than the classroom size, I really took to the moderate size of the university itself; it’s small enough that I feel like I can place most people who should be on campus, but not too small that I can’t make new friends with each new course. There is a strong sense of PLU community regardless of moving off campus; that has been what is most important for me. As I have worked my way through these past 4 years at PLU, I have felt more and more comfortable finding my own path to independence.

There has always been something for me to be involved with both on and off campus. I worked in our community garden my first year, helped with planning events for my residence hall my second year, and my third year I became involved with Habitat for Humanity. This year however has been different, as it is my senior year. I have become more dedicated to finding opportunities to get a foot in the door with my future career goals.

Being at PLU has given me a lot more job opportunities than any of my friends from other universities have had. I believe this to be a specialty of PLU; without the real-life skills and knowledge gained from PLU, I wouldn’t have been hired to work directly with DSHS in Family and Child Services once I graduate in the fall of 2013. If I could do it again, without hesitation, I would choose PLU. My growth as a responsible, critically thinking and passionate citizen is in large part to due to PLU, for which I am sincerely thankful.