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Alumni and Constituent Relations

Camille Adams '16

When I was sophomore in high school, I wanted to be anything but a Lute, especially a Legacy Lute. As the youngest child, I wanted to go to a distant university, unexplored by the Adams family. Despite my desire to escape the school that had seen my mom, dad, brother, aunts and uncles graduate, PLU won me over. From my first informal visit as a prospective student, I was impressed by the friendly students, the familiar campus, and of course, the outstanding choral program. Over the next year, I searched desperately for a school that could feel so much like home, but no luck. PLU was the place for me.

In my family, the PLU Christmas Concert in Portland is the only way to start off the season right. My mom, an alum of the choral program, made a point of taking us every year to reconnect with PLU music. I remember being so awed by the group of talented voices that surrounded us, barely illuminated by the candles they held. I watched as my brother, Kelvin Adams ’12, joined their ranks as a member of Choir of the West, and I wanted so badly to do the same one day. This fall, I auditioned for choir at PLU, thinking I would be lucky just to be part of the program. I was shocked and thrilled when I was placed in University Chorale. This meant I would become part of the Christmas Concert tradition! Performing in Benaroya Hall was one of the most moving experiences of my choral career, and I felt so blessed to return full circle to Arlene Schnitzer in Portland, where I had sung as a high schooler, and be able to perform for my family.

As a prospective student, I was always interested in Student Media at PLU and eager to ask questions about getting involved. I remember one conversation with a PLU student about starting a radio theater program with student radio. She said that if I wanted to work on it, I could absolutely find support to start such a project. I encountered this attitude again when I became a writer for The Mast this fall. I harbor hopes of one day becoming a screen writer, and when I shared this aspiration with the manager of the student TV station, she encouraged me to make it happen. So I started writing my first script, and a few months of hard work later, my friend and I had produced “Outnumbered,” an original romantic comedy for Mast TV. One of the things I love most about PLU is how these kinds of opportunities are available on campus for students to explore their passions.

Between student media, choir, my on-campus job, and academic pursuits in both English and Spanish, I have kept fairly busy for my first year of college. I love all of my various activities and my “found” family here at PLU. PLU has truly become the home that I hoped for in my college years.