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Are You Ready For Transition?

A letter from Laura Majovski, VP for Student Life,

Will your student be home this summer?

For those whose student has spent the past nine months living independently and making many decisions without you, there may be a time of readjustment. Your life may or may not have changed much over the past months, but his/hers has. It will be important to review expectations, both yours and his/hers to make the most of the time together.

Here are some expectations you may want to discuss:Move Out

  • Communication styles?
  • Curfew? 
  • Household responsibilities? 
  • Sharing a car? 
  • What about laundry?

What to do with the summer?

If your student is still trying to decide what to do with the summer, here are some questions to help them consider. Assist them in laying out all of the options and then encourage them to identify what needs to be accomplished this summer.

Here are some of the questions, with which your student may be wrestling:

  • Should I just relax and rest up for next fall?
  • Should I go to summer school and keep making progress on my degree?
    • If so, should I go to PLU for summer school?
  • Do I need to get a job? 
    • If so, should I get one where I can make the most money or one that might help with building my resume? Can I find one that will do both? 
  • Should I do an internship or volunteer where I will not make as much money, or any money, but I will get good experience for my resume? 
  • Should I spend the summer doing research with a faculty member?
  • Should I travel and broaden my perspectives or just travel for fun?
Winds of change:

Also find time to learn more about the person your student is becoming. Talk with them about what they have learned in their classes this year. What are the issues in the world, our country or their future that they think about often? What have they learned about people over the past months? How does your son or daughter think they have changed? How will you adjust to an emerging adult in the family? College is a time of self-authorship for students yet, they continue to need and value your input.

Most of all enjoy the summertime together. Value the conversations and have some fun together.

It’s only three short months to September!

Laura Majovski, Ph.D.
VP for Student Life

Division of Student Life